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Hi! I am Robert Finestone a professional animal and wildlife photographer in Perth WA. I am passionate about animals and photography.

Having grown up in South Africa, I got to work with numerous wild animals and through the years have also worked extensively with dogs in the private security industry. I have also worked as a Emergency Medical Technician so am used to having to deal with many challenging situations. My real passion is still people and their pets.

Through my Pawpics Photography business I have seen the great need for pet home care and general home care. This is the reason I started Cockburn Pet Care Services.

I guarantee a quality and reliable service.


Mobile: 0447022009

PLEASE NOTE: It is of utmost importance that all clients do a pre departure check-in with me the day before you leave on your holiday to confirm your booking!!
Caring is not a science... its in your heart!
Robert Finestone
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